Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

We may be partial, but at Kendall Cliffs we believe that there are many health benefits of rock climbing! Not only is it a social sport for friends and families to enjoy together, but it also improves health in a variety of ways:

  • Physical Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Mental Alertness

Not to mention the beautiful views from the tops of mountains!

Grow Stronger With Climbing

Because of the physical demands of scaling a cliff, rock climbing improves strength. Climbing uses more than upper-body strength – it requires lower body strength, intricate footwork, and lean muscle mass to make it to the top. Rock climbing uses almost every muscle in your body; it takes power to make concentrated effort to cling to a rock face and pull our bodies onto the next ledge.


Become More Flexible By Stretching For New Heights

Rock climbing is just as much about flexibility as it is about strength; climbers need limber muscles to handle difficult maneuvers and lengthy reaches. By improving their range of motion, many rock climbers can gain similar health benefits found in yoga, where flexibility and strength are combined.

Build Cardio While Having Fun

While rock climbing, the body increases its heart rate and improves cardiovascular health. Just one hour of rock climbing burns more than 700 calories! Ultimately, this provides a wide variety of health benefits that are similar to running a mile at an 8 to 11 minute pace.

Boost Mental Alertness Without A Caffeine Rush

Rock climbing improves mental alertness and problem-solving skills. A climber’s mind needs to focus on many things all at once – each ledge, foothold, grip, route map, and more. The mental alertness during rock climbing can feel similar to drinking a cup of coffee, as they both generate the same rush.

Live Longer, Healthier, Happier

There are many ways that climbing benefits a person’s health, adding up to overall wellness and preventing chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood cholesterol. Spending time with nature and mental challenges also reduces other health concerns, like depression. Rock climbing just makes us feel better!


Enjoy Rock Climbing Health Benefits With Kendall Cliffs

Try out our climbing gym at Kendall Cliffs! We have classes ranging from Rock Gym Basics to Family Lessons to Lead Climbing 101. Each week, we have $10 rates for ladies and college students, Thursdays are $10 for everyone, and Friday has free admission for children.

Whether you prefer climbing gyms or want to train for an adventure in the great outdoors this summer, we have qualified staff and high-quality rock walls to help you build strength, flexibility, cardio, and mental alertness. Feel free to ask us questions!

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