Exercise And Stress: Using Rock Climbing For Stress Reduction

In an earlier blog post, we discussed just a few of the many health benefits that come with rock climbing. Now, just in time for Stress Awareness Month, we’re going to talk about how we can use climbing for stress reduction in the midst of our busy lives.

All exercise is useful for reducing stress because exercising raises our levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical that helps us respond to stress. This is why many researchers recommend exercise to treat mental conditions, like anxiety, addiction, anorexia, and depression. At Kendall Cliffs, we believe rock climbing is unique among stress-reducing exercises.

Going Outdoors Releases Stress

Spending time outdoors is also connected to lower levels of stress. The fact that most rock climbing is done outside is an important part of the sport’s ability to reduce stress. Absorbing more vitamin D, sunshine, and fresh air helps to decrease stress levels, no matter how anxious we are before we began climbing.

A study from Indiana University shows that climbers who get lost in the flow of climbing can even block pain while creating euphoria, showing the anti-stress strength of rock climbing.

Rock Climbing Stress Reduction

Learning Perseverance In Facing Challenges

Rock climbing is often associated with overcoming challenges because it requires dedication and determination. In climbing, we set tangible goals and achieve them. When climbers reach a summit – indoors or outdoors – they feel uplifted for accomplishing their task. By achieving one goal, we begin a domino effect to achieving other goals in our lives, reducing potential stressors.

Strengthening Mental Muscle To Handle Problems

When we climb different routes, we develop our problem-solving skills, which can help us in every part of our lives. When we learn to solve problems on the rock face, we learn to approach a stressful home and work situations with a better mindset.

Facing Fears On And Off The Cliffs

We all have fears, whether they’re heights, falling, hairy spiders, or feelings of inadequacy. When we climb cliffs, we learn to face these fears and live life with confidence. When we learn to face one fear, we can learn to face the others that are holding us back in life.

Rock Climbing at Kendall Cliffs

Replacing Inner Criticism With Accomplishments

Rock climbing is about more than outdoing others and winning people’s approval. Instead, it’s about improving grip, managing routes, and pushing our perceived limits. On the cliffs, we’re challenging ourselves against ourselves – the best kind of competition there is.

Rock Climbing For Stress Reduction At Kendall Cliffs

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