Cleveland Rock Climbing Community Enjoys a Lock-in at Kendall Cliffs

Kendall Cliffs is now hosting lock ins! If you and your friends are looking for a great time to strengthen your climbing skills while enjoying quality time together, our group lock in events are perfect. There is something for everyone – group activities, climbing, and even camping out on the gym floor. Our staff leaves the gym open the entire night and instructs and belays your group so you can leave the safety concerns to someone else while you have a night filled with fun!

Lock-ins for the Cleveland Rock Climbing Community

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Kendall Cliffs Rock Gym is one of the only gyms serving the Cleveland Rock Climbing Community. Most of the universities located in Cleveland don’t have climbing walls for their students, staff, or local communities, effectively isolating experienced climbers and limiting beginner climbers. We believe that it is important to nurture an encouraging community for outdoor activities, which is difficult to do without rock walls. Our rock climbing gym fills this void by providing a safe, fun environment for climbers to enjoy their time on our rock walls.

Enjoy A Care-Free Night


No matter your level of expertise with climbing, our helpful and knowledgeable staff are there to help you learn the basics or tweak your current expertise into perfection. We too are climbers, and we know the importance of safety in a rock climbing gym. We also know that everyone enjoys a night off. This is why we give you a care-free lock in while our staff handles all of your safety concerns. We hire only experienced climbers, and we guarantee that we will be well organized for your exciting lock in event.

Share Celebrations And Memories


Whether you’re a group of teenagers, college students, co-workers from the office, or friends since childhood, lock ins are a great way to make memories. If you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or significant achievement, or just hanging out for the sake of hanging out, we love to help you celebrate.

Schedule Your Lock-In Adventure At Kendall Cliffs

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For more information about scheduling a lock in event at Kendall Cliffs Rock Gym for your next special event, call (330) 655-5489. We look forward to seeing you soon!