Different Types of Rock Climbing: Bouldering at Kendall Cliffs

Out of all the different types of rock climbing, bouldering needs very little gear and time. Bouldering is a good technique to learn, whether you’re a beginning climber learning holds or an advanced climber maintaining your skills. All you need are some climbing shoes, a crash pad, a chalk bag, and an experienced spotter!

What Is Bouldering?

In bouldering, climbers travel horizontally instead of vertically on the rock. As you climb parallel to the earth, you improve your movements and strength without the risk of falling from a far distance. Because you stay so close to the ground, you don’t need any harness or rope – you rely solely on your own strength.


Spotters have an important role in keeping you safe!

There are many reasons that some climbers prefer bouldering over the other different types:

Few Expenses: Because there is so little gear, bouldering is more affordable than other types of rock climbing. All you need are your rock shoes, chalk bag, crash pad, finger tape, and a brush!

Metolius Yosemite Jester chalk bag

Use a good chalk bag to improve your grip.
Photo Credit: Locally.com

Convenient Locations: You don’t need to travel to the Grand Canyon to try bouldering. Instead, most bouldering areas are easy to drive or hike to, and it is also a common feature at rock climbing gyms like Kendall Cliffs.

Indoor bouldering at Kendall Cliffs

Try some indoor bouldering at Kendall Cliffs.

Friendly Fun: Instead of the isolated set up of a climber-belayer like in roped climbing, big groups of people can relax while they compete against themselves and each other. Take your friends and family with you as you try to conquer the same bouldering route. Bouldering is also a good way to make new friends – many climbers gather at the same sites.


Use bouldering to build your rock climbing skills.

With all of these positives in mind, remember a few safety tips:

  • Spotters work with you on your crash pad, making sure that you don’t injure your shoulders and head if you fall. The more spotters, the better!
  • Crash Pads are thick mats that will keep you free from serious injuries. Put yours within your fall zone, and don’t be afraid to use more than one.
  • Proper Gear is important for safety. Wearing quality shoes, investing in good chalk, and using finger tape are essential to keeping yourself healthy on the rocks!

Bouldering At Kendall Cliffs

While you’re thinking about it, plan a day with your loved ones at an indoor rock gym! At Kendall Cliffs, we have a variety of rock walls and routes for you to choose from. We have all the equipment you need, and if you want to purchase your own gear, stop by next door at Appalachian Outfitters.