Sunset Paddle

Northeastern Ohio Kayaking

Kayak Techniques Kayaking looks simple – you hop in and paddle, right? That technique will work, but if you want to gain the most from your kayaking experience, here are some helpful techniques. When you reach to your paddle, place your hands about shoulder-width apart. Practice good posture. Slouching comes naturally in a kayak,

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For a Healthy Summer Visit Farmer’s Market at Howe Meadow

Are you thinking of ways to plan for an active, healthy summer? Start at the Countryside Farmers’ Market at Howe Meadow. It’s more than a place – it’s a community. Not only do they sell great food, but they also host a variety of workshops and events. With over sixty different vendors, it’s the

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The Great Blue Herons Are Back!

The Great Blue Heron is one of the most majestic birds in our area. Our local Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is 33,000 acres in total, is a favorite habitat for these fascinating animals. Blue Heron in flight at CVNP Beaver Marsh (photo credit: Brad Shorb) Where Can I Find Great Blue Herons? Keep

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Exploring the Trails in the Allegheny National Forest

While opportunities for backpacking are somewhat limited in northeast Ohio, there are some great trails within a day’s drive. This past week the opportunity presented itself for me to take a short overnight trip, so I decided to check out a trail that was new to me. I headed out to the Allegheny National

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